Local mom and pop shops have historically faced challenges, especially when they are located in areas saturated with “big box” stores. People tend to go with what they know, so a local furniture store selling handmade, solid wood products might face stiff competition from name brand establishments with larger volumes […]


If you have ever had a business idea or already have a business but struggling to get off the ground, then you are probably struggling with the same hurdle that plagues 85% of the small businesses and the reason why a lot of great ideas and businesses never see the […]


WordPress has been around for a very long time now, but you might not be aware of all that this framework offers. If you think that WP is only for bloggers, it’s time to rethink things. WordPress offers something for everyone, whether you’re a tech blogger, an e-commerce seller or a […]

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Your domain name is incredibly important, both in terms of its SEO value and its ability to visually entice customers and prospective visitors onto your site. As many as 6 million businesses all over the world are listed with Google Places, so it would make sense to assume that this […]


Every business, whether it is based in the brick-and-mortar world or the world of binary and pixels, has an online reputation. This reputation is what will make or break your future profitability. With that in mind, do you know what is being said about you online? An online reputation is […]


2012 can be considered a groundbreaking year for anyone looking to make a fortune online as Google triggered somewhat of a Tsunami of discussion on the future of SEO as the search engine behemoth effectively demolished traditional forms of “link building” with the release of its much dreaded penguin update. […]


Just last month I celebrated my first year working full time on my online business. While it has been a great ride full of many highlights and accomplishments, I must admit that it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. There were days where I doubted myself and also found myself working […]


Blogging means so much to your online business. There are so many things that a blog can do to help you keep your clients loving your business. First, search engines love blog and they love it more when you fill it with lots of keyword-rich and unique contents. Writing regularly […]


In recent years search engine optimization or SEO has most commonly been associated with “link building” or what we can also rhetorically describe as “buying votes” for your website to help it move up the organic search rankings. The recent penguin update from Google was a game changer for traditional […]

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Content marketing is often considered the backbone of a building a successful online business. This is especially true for internet marketers using niche and affiliate sites as an avenue to building a profitable passive income empire. However, writing and producing good content requires patience and hard work even for seasoned […]