October 2011

A quick post today to briefly talk about how you can accurately check your niche site rankings in Google. What we need here is a way to see “unbiased” results in Google SERPs. What do I mean by that? It’s simple. Google tends to keep track of your search patterns […]


One of the key criteria for for any potential, money making AdSense keyword is the CPC or cost per click value and based you on that value you should be able to accurately estimate your AdSense earningsright? Well, not quite as there is a lot more that equation.Here is a […]


Today I would like to focus on one of the most common hurdles to business success. The ability to stay focused and take action. Simple as it may sound, this is the main difference between people who go through their entire lives with ordinary results and people who enjoy grand […]


Building profitable adsense niche sites is very much about finding the best niches and then targeting good quality, low competition adsense keywords to capitalize on those niches. Adsense monetized niche sites are different to other affiliate marketing models in the sense that we also need to consider two additional and […]