January 2012

Micro niche sites can be extremely affordable, profitable and easy to build once you know how to use the right monetization strategies. In fact, a successful niche site can be built with just one page of primary content! In this post I am going to share a practical recipe for […]


Just when you thought that making money with AdSense was going to get easier, earlier this month Google introduced another change to its ranking algorithm penalizing sites for placing too many ads above the fold. This was largely due to user complaints that they were landing on sites with excessive […]


Today I am going to share some handy tips on how to get exceptional content for your niche sites. A typical niche site can require anywhere from 4-5 original articles at a minimum and good quality articles can cost anywhere from $8-$10 whether you are using a freelance writer or […]


Today I am going reveal a case study of one of my top earning niche sites which unfortunately got the dreaded Google slap earlier this month. Instead of dwelling too much into the loss of revenue this is likely to cause I will attempt to dissect the mistakes and try […]


In this post I am going to touch on some simple and very effective techniques you can use to quickly find a profitable niche market to build your niche site around. This can be a common and somewhat frustrating hurdle for many new Internet marketers and inevitably leads to procrastination […]


Today I would like to share some new link building strategies I have implementing over the last month with some fantastic results in helping boost my rankings by some staggering numbers. In some cases my sites jumped as much as 50 places in Google SERP’s within a matter of days. […]


Today I am going to touch on a slightly different method of making money other than Google AdSense, which is promoting health products as an affiliate or health affiliate marketing. I am sure some of you have heard of or at some stage even made money from promoting digital products […]


With record number of users set to join the Internet in 2012 there has never been a better time to start an online business so you can be on your way to earning long term passive income. If you are someone who has at some stage thought about starting an […]