February 2012

AdSense niche sites should always be seen as an investment you can sell and profit from in the future. While wordpress offers some great out of the box customization capabilities, you can use some handy plugins to extend that functionality to quickly monetize, secure and optimize your site for long […]


Google’s custom search for AdSense is one of the little known and commonly overlooked secrets to maximizing AdSense earnings from your niche blog. When most publishers think of AdSense, its mostly about placing ad units within your content (or AdSense for content) which earns you 68% of the revenues for […]


I often get asked about effective ways of finding profitable AdSense keywords targeting a specific niche or primary keyword. Thankfully, this a lot easier than most people think. With the contextual targeting tool you can easily find tightly related AdSense keywords targeting a common search term. Using this simple strategy, […]


The ever changing SEO landscape means that your link building and SEO strategies will also need to evolve to adapt to the constant changes search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are making to provide the best possible results for internet users. Before I jump in to the actual discussion […]