March 2012

The concept of an authority site or blog is often misunderstood in Internet Marketing and it is common for Internet marketers to confuse a large site with multiple pages of content for a real authority site. It is easy enough for anyone to put up a site with 100 pages of content […]


Flippa is an auction website with a slightly unique twist. It’s a website where you can buy and sell websites. As an internet marketer, it’s not too uncommon to hear stories of websites selling for thousands and even millions of dollars on Flippa. These websites can range from turnkey businesses […]


Blog network links has until recently been the back bone of linkbuilding and SEO for many Internet, affiliate and niche marketers. Article directory services like Unique Article Wizard and My Article Network have been hugely popular with marketers trying to outfox Google by building mass blog network links and climbing […]


As a niche site owner you want to get the most traffic possible, right? Now, what is the benefit of going after long tail keywords? If you don’t know, then don’t worry because I am going to give you the answers. The benefits of long tail keywords are listed below […]


One of the key criteria most niche marketers look at when building AdSense niche sites is CPC or cost per click and obviously the higher this number the better. Quite often you would have picked a niche, saw a great CPC figure, done your competition analysis, built your niche site […]


One of the reasons why WordPress has proven to be extremely popular with bloggers is its ability to publish highly optimized SEO content which search engines love. The existing WordPress SEO functionality can be vastly extended through a variety of free SEO plugins like All-in-one-SEO, Platinum SEO and also paid […]


Facebook is ready to roll out a number of significant changes to business fanpages at the end of March. One of the key changes being introduced is the new timeline feature for fanpages which was recently also introduced to personal profiles. If you own a business or personal fanpage the […]


Google PageRank is a simple numeric value measured on a scale of 1 of 10 used as one of the ranking factors for organic search results. Although it’s not the “be all and end all” of SEO, it still to a large degree influences the authority or importance of a […]