April 2012

Do you ever wonder if it is actually possible to build a successful online business in 2 years, find 28 million customers, generate zero revenues, sell it for a billion dollars and become an Internet millionaire almost overnight? Well that question was recently answered in the now famous and somewhat […]


Building a successful Internet marketing business can often seem like a distant dream for many people who strive for a truly passive source of income. The dream of financial freedom and having to slog through their job on a daily basis they hate. Many people starting in Internet marketing almost always […]


Internet marketers and online entrepreneurs are a unique breed. They are often driven by passion, big goals, and an unrelenting determination to succeed. However, staying focused and productive can still prove to be one of the biggest challenges for anyone striving for long term success. In my own journey, I […]


Using search queries is one of the most effective ways to find a diverse range of link building opportunities for niche sites, affiliate sites and blogs. This can be extremely useful in acquiring targeted, high quality prospects to build a diverse link portfolio. Of course, if you choose your target keywords carefully […]


While there has been much debate in recent weeks pertaining to SEO and recent de-indexing of many private blog networks by Google, I felt it was time to bring the topic of link building up for discussion and demonstrate (with evidence) why links continue to be the fastest and most […]


Following on from the private blog network massacre, Google recently announced the “over optimization” penalty aimed towards penalizing sites using aggressive SEO tactics to rank higher in the search results. Some of these aggressive tactics are commonly classified as “Grey and black hat SEO” and often encompass techniques such as […]


Maintaining focus and staying on track is one of the key challenges for any entrepreneur looking to build a thriving and successful internet marketing business. In fact most people first starting out in Internet Marketing are likely to fail and give up within the first six months. Shane Melaugh from […]