June 2012

As an online marketer and business owner, your online real estate is your biggest asset. Over 50% of the blogs and websites today use wordpress as their preferred platform. With its rising popularity, WordPress sites are now more susceptible to hackers, malware and malicious users. So, here is the million […]


The most common question I’m asked as an online entrepreneur is: “How do I make progress with my goals? I do well for a couple days but then I fall off track and get nothing done.” It’s actually pretty simple if you implement these two practices: deadlines and accountability. But […]


It is often said that keyword research is the unshakable foundation of higher organic rankings in the search results and when it comes to profitable niche keyword research, there are three unmissable factors to consider for a successful campaign every single time: These unmissable factors are: 1. “Buyer” value of […]