Blogging means so much to your online business. There are so many things that a blog can do to help you keep your clients loving your business. First, search engines love blog and they love it more when you fill it with lots of keyword-rich and unique contents. Writing regularly […]


In recent years search engine optimization or SEO has most commonly been associated with “link building” or what we can also rhetorically describe as “buying votes” for your website to help it move up the organic search rankings. The recent penguin update from Google was a game changer for traditional […]

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Content marketing is often considered the backbone of a building a successful online business. This is especially true for internet marketers using niche and affiliate sites as an avenue to building a profitable passive income empire. However, writing and producing good content requires patience and hard work even for seasoned […]


Ask any successful online entrepreneur about what drove them to ultimate success and more often than not, they you will find common answer. They got themselves a mentor. A go to person who had done it before them and could be emulated. If you are looking for a mentor, then […]


As an online marketer and business owner, your online real estate is your biggest asset. Over 50% of the blogs and websites today use wordpress as their preferred platform. With its rising popularity, WordPress sites are now more susceptible to hackers, malware and malicious users. So, here is the million […]


The most common question I’m asked as an online entrepreneur is: “How do I make progress with my goals? I do well for a couple days but then I fall off track and get nothing done.” It’s actually pretty simple if you implement these two practices: deadlines and accountability. But […]


Following on from the private blog network massacre, Google recently announced the “over optimization” penalty aimed towards penalizing sites using aggressive SEO tactics to rank higher in the search results. Some of these aggressive tactics are commonly classified as “Grey and black hat SEO” and often encompass techniques such as […]


Flippa is an auction website with a slightly unique twist. It’s a website where you can buy and sell websites. As an internet marketer, it’s not too uncommon to hear stories of websites selling for thousands and even millions of dollars on Flippa. These websites can range from turnkey businesses […]


Blog network links has until recently been the back bone of linkbuilding and SEO for many Internet, affiliate and niche marketers. Article directory services like Unique Article Wizard and My Article Network have been hugely popular with marketers trying to outfox Google by building mass blog network links and climbing […]


One of the key criteria most niche marketers look at when building AdSense niche sites is CPC or cost per click and obviously the higher this number the better. Quite often you would have picked a niche, saw a great CPC figure, done your competition analysis, built your niche site […]