Traffic Generation

Your domain name is incredibly important, both in terms of its SEO value and its ability to visually entice customers and prospective visitors onto your site. As many as 6 million businesses all over the world are listed with Google Places, so it would make sense to assume that this […]


2012 can be considered a groundbreaking year for anyone looking to make a fortune online as Google triggered somewhat of a Tsunami of discussion on the future of SEO as the search engine behemoth effectively demolished traditional forms of “link building” with the release of its much dreaded penguin update. […]


With Google’s recent Penguin algorithm update in full force, as usual, my inbox was quickly filling up with emails from Internet Marketers spreading misinformation, phobia and selling the next “SEO magic bullet”. Only this time I decided to go listen to the best source of information: Google itself. Andre Weyher, […]


Using search queries is one of the most effective ways to find a diverse range of link building opportunities for niche sites, affiliate sites and blogs. This can be extremely useful in acquiring targeted, high quality prospects to build a diverse link portfolio. Of course, if you choose your target keywords carefully […]


While there has been much debate in recent weeks pertaining to SEO and recent de-indexing of many private blog networks by Google, I felt it was time to bring the topic of link building up for discussion and demonstrate (with evidence) why links continue to be the fastest and most […]


As a niche site owner you want to get the most traffic possible, right? Now, what is the benefit of going after long tail keywords? If you don’t know, then don’t worry because I am going to give you the answers. The benefits of long tail keywords are listed below […]


Google PageRank is a simple numeric value measured on a scale of 1 of 10 used as one of the ranking factors for organic search results. Although it’s not the “be all and end all” of SEO, it still to a large degree influences the authority or importance of a […]


In today’s post I will reveal some exciting new ninja traffic generation strategies I have been implementing in the last week. Most of the traditional SEO techniques are based upon diverse link building and then gradually increasing your rankings in the search engine as your site rises in perceived “popularity”. […]