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Congratulations on taking the next step to building your first niche site. Not sure how to get started? Here is a comprehensive list of tools and products I have exclusively used to build several profitable sites:

1. Blogging and Themes

WordPress: The most popular and customizable publishing platform. With the sheer number of freely available plugins and themes, there is virtually no limit to what you can accomplish on wordpress.

Flexi Themes: A slightly lesser know set of premium themes for wordpress. I run several niche sites using flexi themes and find them extremely robust and easy to customize using the powerful “flexi panel” interface within wordpress.

Thesis: One of the best frameworks for building your wordpress blogs. Provides an extremely powerful interface within wordpress allowing you to launch and customize a fully fledged blog within minutes using a few mouse clicks.

Heatmap Theme: Simply the best theme for AdSense sites of any size of scale. I use heatmap themes for 70-80% of my sites and offer a complete range of customizable options for placing your AdSense ads and maximizing your clicks!


2. Domain and Hosting

Name cheap: My #1 destination for all things domain. Excellent pricing and a clean, clutter free website makes domain purchase on namecheap a breeze with none of the annoying upsells as some of the other popular domain registrars. Great customer support.

Hostgator: My #1 destination for all things hosting. Extremely well priced hosting packages for as little as $7/month with the option of adding unlimited domains on all hosting plans backed by great customer support.

Use coupon code hostingsale2012 to get 25% off your next hostgator hosting package.


3. Keyword Research

SE Cockpit: My top rated paid keyword research tool. Makes finding “diamond” keywords a breeze with accurate, real time analysis of all key SEO factors include competition strength, niche value and adsense value. Interpolates and presents all keyword data using the extremely accurate “mozrank” metrics. Making money from Niche sites starts at diligent keyword research. Get this step wrong and you will never make a single cent from any of your sites. SE Cockpit is worth every single cent of it’s $67/month price tag.

Market Samurai: If you are uncomfotable paying the monthly price tag with SE Cockpit, then Market Samurai with a one off fee is a great alternative as it also offers accurate competition analysis and metrics to help you pick the right keywords.

Google Adwords: Google’s own free keyword research tool and a perfect place to start if you are new to internet marketing.


4. Content Creation And Outsourcing

Textbroker: My #1 destination to get fresh and unique content written from scratch. Uses a $ price/word system with several pricing tiers available from 2 stars to 5 stars (quality level). A 3 star 500 word article can cost as little as $8 and most orders are processed within a day.

The Content Authority: Another excellent article writing service and slightly more economical than Textbroker. High quality fresh articles cost around $6 for a 500 word article and re-writes are slightly cheaper at around $4 for a 500 word article.

Odesk: My #1 destination for hiring outsourced virtual assistants, article spinners and other help staff. If you are serious about expanding your niche marketing portfolio quickly then I would highly recommend hiring a VA at some stage which will allow you to focus on growing the business rather than getting bogged down with doing all the work yourself. You can outsource majority of your labor intensive work for as little as $3/hour, Register here for free and start growing your business.


5. Link Building and SEO Tools

The Best Spinner: My top rated article spinning software which quickly allows to re-word your original article and submit to article directories while still maintaining the uniqueness of your content for maximum SEO benefits.

Unique Article Wizard: My top rated article submission service. Allows you to mass submit unique versions of your articles and content to several article directories at once. Still one of my favourite ways to quickly build lots of high quality article directory backlinks.

SE Nuke X: An automated backlink generation tool which will take your original content, auto spin it and submit it to blogs, web 2.0 sites, social bookmarking sites and article directories. My VA’s use this tool quickly and efficiently build another layer of diverese backlinks.

SEO Pressor: Great paid wordpress plugin to optimize your content before it gets published for maximum on page SEO benefits. The plugin simply scans for your target keyword within the content and then provides recommendations on how to optimize it with a final on page SEO score. I have had great success with this plugin and is a must have for a small fee.


6. Internet Marketing Training And Motivational Books

Think And Grow Rich by Napolean Hill: Often considered the bible of the entrepreneurial mindset. Originally published in 1937 and written by Napolean Hill, this book outlines the 13 steps to success, how to take action on your ideas and forget procrastination for good! This is one of the first books I read when I started my entrepreneurial journey and inspires me to take action each and every single day.

The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss: Phenomenal work from Timothy Ferriss on how to outsource, work less and leave your day job behind.

E Myth Revisited: A classic book from Michael E Gerber and often considered the bible of small business. Offers great insights into how to go from being “self employed” to running a real business.


Affiliate Disclosure:

Please note that some of the links provided below contain affiliate links and I may be compensated if you purchase through these links. Rest assured that all of the tools recommended above are the ones I have had most success with and can personally recommend without hesitation.





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1 Tzerwah May 21, 2012 at 8:08 pm

Hi Anshul,

Which of the many resources that you mention on the above list you would recommend to newbies? As I think many newbies like me, would have budget constrain.
I would like to outsource most of the setting up process.
- content writing
- link building

How much budget you would think is suitable?

Can I also check whether the best spinner also help with the submission of articles?


2 Anshul May 23, 2012 at 9:14 am

Hi Tzerwah,

I think in terms of content, $5-$6 for a 500 word article is a good price range. If you are serious about revenues from building websites then Keyword research is almost indispensable so I would definitely invest in a keyword research tool like SE Cockpit. Best spinner is great for creating spun versions of articles for submitting to article directories (which can also be outsourced). So in a nutshell:

1. Use SE Cockpit for keyword research
2. Textbroker/TCA for content writing (don’t spend more than $5-$6/article)
3. Odesk for hiring VA’s
4. The best spinner for spinning content (definitely outsource this)
5. Submit spun content to article directories manually and automatically through UAW (outsource this as well).

Hope that helps!


3 Heidi November 5, 2012 at 2:53 am

Hi Anshul

Thank you for the great information. I appreciate it very much.
Do you ever offer any courses that we could attend in person? Particularly in small groups?
All the best to you.

Kind regards



4 Anshul November 7, 2012 at 6:50 am

Thanks for the comment Heidi and glad you are enjoying the information. I do have plans for a training program in the coming months, really depends on how much time I can find out of managing my own businesses.


5 Shawn Sullivan November 21, 2012 at 6:15 pm

Could you post up some links to any of the sites that you’ve made that are successful?


what word-press plugins are you using for social sharing?

I am trying to get my new site up and going ( after watching your interview with Trent Dyrmid :)


6 Anshul November 26, 2012 at 9:18 pm

Hey Shawn, you can use a number of free plugins for blog style websites. “Share this” is one of the better ones and I highly recommend it.


7 Peter January 14, 2015 at 8:09 pm

Anshul… love your 7-Step Blueprint. I am trying to get my hands on your PDF with outsourcing details and the download link for the free report – Peter


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